About Us

I have decided to do this blog to make Thailand’s food a little more known, there are many people who decide to travel to Thailand for its beaches and incredible warm weather, but not everyone is aware of my gastronomic richness. country, with an infinity of dishes, ingredients and flavors that surprise the traveler who decides to try them.

We say goodbye to a very special year for me in which I started the adventure “Cocino Thai” with my blog and my channel to teach a little more about the gastronomic culture of Thailand, I wanted to thank you for all your support, energy and comments that help me every day to continue improving and to put new recipes. I wish you a year full of happiness and that all your wishes come true !!

We started the year with a lot of energy and desire to improve, my goal for this year is not only to continue with the simple recipes that I usually share with you, but I also intend to incorporate and transmit more in-depth recipes and content about Asian gastronomy.