believe it or not these anti vax ads were published by two local papers

Two local newspapers were in serious trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority after they ran anti-vax advertisements during the coronavirus epidemic.

Advertisements were placed by Stacey Bradley in both The Argus and The Rotherham Advertiser.

Both ads prominently featured the words “national crisis” and “the truth are out” on banners. They used logos from the South Yorkshire Police and Metropolitan Police as well as a fake “crime” number.

Advertisements claimed that they needed people to report any Covid-19 deaths or injuries. The advert stated that they were investigating “related crimes and threats of the public health, gross negligence manslaughter, and misconduct in public office”.

The ad stated that 18 additional offences had been cited, including murder, fraud and GBH, as well as multipl breaches of the Nuremburg Code (sic).

All scientists around the globe agree that the vaccines have many benefits and there are very few side effects.

ovid-19 vaccines undergo a multi-stage, rigorous testing process that includes large clinical trials that involve thousands of people. These trials are designed to identify safety concerns.