Dutch caramel filled waffles


Complete recipe
This Dutch delicacy is very typical as an accompaniment to tea or coffee in the middle of the morning. Although stroopwafels, as they are more widely known in their region of origin, are half caramel half waffles.

It is at the end of the 18th century when this recipe arises from the most remote chance. According to the legend that surrounds this delicacy, it is said that a baker from Gouda collected the leftovers of the day and made a mixture with which to feed the poor of the area. Little by little, it was acquiring more prestige until it became one of the most sought-after accompaniments.

preparation of the recipe
To make these Dutch waffles, you first have to leave the batter for the Stroopwafel ready. For this, we will need 500 grams of white flour, yeast, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and 150 grams of white sugar. We will mix everything well until we get a homogeneous dough.

When we have this step ready, we will add about 125 grams of butter. The rest will be reserved to prepare the caramel. With this last ingredient, we will rub all the flour with the previous mixture until we see that small balls of dough are formed.

To detach them and create a thicker texture, we will add the 100 milliliters of water, which should not be hot or cold, and we will knead a little before adding the eggs. We stir everything once more and add a piece of salt. We will beat all the content with more energy for one or two minutes and cover the resulting mass with plastic film. We will reserve and let it rest for about 20 or 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, we will prepare the homemade caramel for the filling of our Dutch waffles. It may take longer to rest than the above, so we can rest a few minutes before continuing, and then proceed to mix the two phases of the recipe.

To prepare the caramel for the Dutch waffles we must first melt the 125 grams of unsalted butter that we had reserved before. Heat in a small saucepan together with the 150 grams of brown sugar with the help of a wooden shovel. We will also add the rest of the cinnamon and the syrup when we see that it has already become liquid.

Avoiding bubbles from forming, we will stir and keep the content hot before turning off the fire. For this step, we must go a bit quicker so that the liquid we have just prepared does not become solid.

The dough that we had reserved at the beginning will have to be handled, so we must wash our hands well. Dividing into more or less equal portions, we will make small balls and heat them little by little in a waffle iron. Failing that, we can grill them, although they will not have the characteristic waffle pattern. They should be ready in less than a minute, so they don’t get too toasted.

The ball will squish itself when we close the lid. Although, if we are using a griddle or a pan that does not stick, we can crush the balls formed with the help of a kitchen spatula. It should always remain a rounded shape and that they all have the same size so that later there are not too many edges when closing them.

Once we have the sides of the toasted waffles, we will precisely cut each portion in half in a horizontal direction, so that we have two halves with each of them. Then, we will add a teaspoon of the still liquid caramel in each half of the heated parts. With the other half of the waffle batter, we will close the previous ones, in such a way that it remains like a Stroopwafel sandwich filled with homemade caramel.

Preparation tips
This whole process must be done while the ingredients are still hot. In case they get too cold, the dough can break down and the caramel can become hard. Once we have all of them ready, we just have to let them cool a little before consuming. It is best to taste them with a hot liquid so that the caramel becomes a little creamier and releases more flavor.


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