German potato salad


Complete recipe
This German salad has the potato as its main ingredient, so it is a dish that fills the stomach easily, unlike other salads perhaps with green leaves, it is a fresh and delicious dish, so you can enjoy it at any time of the year, especially during the hottest months.

Kartoffelsalat, as it is known in its country, is an easy-to-prepare and great-tasting dish, so it can solve more than one meal with guests, it can be an excellent option if you don’t know what food to prepare to take to the beach, to a picnic in the park or in the field or in a Tupperware for work. The fact of containing potatoes will make you get the carbohydrates you need at each meal, in addition to filling you up and keeping your stomach full until the next meal.

How to make a German potato salad
The first thing to do is peel and boil the potatoes together with the eggs. We will cut them into small squares and we will do the same with both hard-boiled eggs. We will put everything in a source to be able to mix all the ingredients well, once you have been able to add them all in it.
Then we will cut the cooked German sausage into small cubes and add it to the source, along with the other ingredients. It is important that the sausage is already cooked, otherwise you should cook it beforehand at home since it is not advisable to eat it raw. You can find these German sausages in different supermarkets and specialized stores. It is recommended that it be the German sausage and not another type of sausage, since otherwise, you will not get that special flavor that this one has a typical German dish.

When all the ingredients are cut and placed in the source you can start dressing the salad. For this, you can put a tablespoon of German mustard, Dijon type, which is a little sweeter than the mustard that we usually consume here. Then you can add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper. If you like lemon.
Prepare your own homemade mayonnaise and put it on the potato salad while you are dressing it, if you wish, or serve it in the center of the table, in a separate container so that each diner can add the homemade mayonnaise they want to the taste. In case you don’t feel like preparing homemade mayonnaise, you can buy it made and put it before or after dressing the German potato salad. Once you have put all the aforementioned dressings, you must stir the salad well so that they integrate well between them and their flavor reaches all corners of it.

You can serve the German potato salad in the same dish where you have prepared and dressed it or on individual plates. You can decorate each of them with fresh parsley or coriander leaf. If you are not going to consume it at the moment, it is best to leave it in the fridge to serve it fresh and not to keep it for many hours, since the mayonnaise should be consumed as soon as possible and the rest of the food will be in better condition and with optimal flavor if consumed once the dish is prepared or after a few hours.


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