Mexican veal mince



Complete recipe
The Mexican veal hash is a delicious, healthy dish that we can prepare to eat daily because its recipe is very quick and simple. It is the perfect way to enjoy a very balanced dish, as it contains the protein from meat and, on the other hand, carbohydrates and fiber from vegetables.
Ingredients of the Mexican veal mince (for 2 people):
– 200 grams of ground beef
– Half fresh onion
– 1 ripe tomato
– 1 small carrot
– 100 grams of cooked peas
– 1 jalapeƱo pepper (add more if you like spicy)
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil
– 1 pinch of salt
– Cumin
– Black pepper

Steps to follow to make Mexican beef hash
The Mexican veal picadillo consists of many small steps that we will have to take, but all of them are very easy to follow. The first thing we are going to do is cook the meat a little in a pan until it changes color and we will remove it from the heat in a container to release the excess fat.
At the same time that the meat is being cooked, we will be chopping the onion into very small pieces and we will wind the chili, also cutting it into pieces, which we will join in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil. When approximately 5 minutes have passed and the onion and chili are soft, we will add the tomato cut into cubes and season it with a little salt and a little pepper to give it a different taste.
While the rewrite that we have in the pan is cooking, we will cut the carrot into small pieces, which we will add together with the pre-cooked peas and we will mix everything well until it is well done, which will take approximately 5 minutes over low-medium heat.

Once all the ingredients of the pan are ready and soft, we will add the meat that we have previously pre-cooked and that we are reserving for this final moment. Although this seems one of the easiest steps in the recipe, we must bear in mind that we have to give the exact point to the meat so that the dish is exquisite, so we have to constantly test so that the meat does not It is well done but not too raw. When we calculate that more or less the meat is halfway through cooking, we will again season with a little more salt and pepper, so that the meat takes on the flavor of these two spices.

Once we have everything done, we have our Mexican veal mince ready. As a recommendation when eating it, the idea is to serve it on top of a bed of rice or natural pasta, such as spaghetti or noodles, although we can also heat Mexican taco pancakes and fill them with our Mexican veal and vegetable hash. It is a recipe that we can make both for lunch and dinner and that will delight everyone who eats it. To finish and enjoy one hundred percent of this recipe, we recommend that you accompany it with a good wine, red or white, a good beer.

When it comes to cooking rich, we do not always have to go and make elaborate recipes, in most cases with the simplest dishes we can taste real delicacies and enjoy a good meal that makes us enjoy the palate.


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