Minced meat tacos


Step by step recipe
We reserve half and the other we put it to poach in a frying pan with oil.
We chop two tomatoes, reserving a little with the onion, and the other half we add it in the pan to cook it with the onion.
Add the minced meat to the pan and let it cook together with the tomato and onion. Season to taste. We add the jalapeño well-cut if we want to give it a spicy touch.
We let the water drain well. We slice the tomato.
We peel the avocado and crush it until it is like a cream. We add the chopped onion and the tomato that we had reserved. Add salt and pepper, chop a little fresh coriander and add the juice of a lime.
We heat the Mexican tortillas in a pan and cover them with the guacamole sauce that we have made.
We shape it into a taco with our hands and fill it with the meat, a couple of tomato slices, lettuce, and grated cheese. We serve.

Complete recipe
Mexican food is a favorite around the world. The intensity of its flavors enhanced by the spice and its colorful elaborations make these dishes quite attractive both visually and for taste. Next, we will show you how to make some Mexican-style meat tacos with which to make good dinners with friends.

First, we have to prepare all the ingredients that we are going to need. We will start with the onion. We will peel it and chop it very fine. We will reserve half of it in a medium container while the other half we place in a frying pan with a good drizzle of oil where we will fry it so that it remains soft and transparent. We will do the same with two tomatoes, leaving half in the container and the other half next to the onion to make the sauce.

We will add the minced meat to that pan. Normally it is made with veal but, if we want to change the meat, we can use others such as pork or even chicken. Sauté with the onion and tomato until it is completely cooked and all the juice released by both the tomato and the meat is lost. We will salt and pepper to taste and, if we like the meat spicier, we will add a small chopped jalapeño to the sauce so that it takes that taste.

We will cut half the lettuce into thin sheets that we will later wash well, leaving them in a drainer so that they lose all the water possible before using them. The remaining tomatoes will also laminate, leaving thin pieces of tomato. We will peel the avocado and mash it with the help of a fork until it is like a cream with which we will make the famous guacamole.

We will add it to the container with the onion and the chopped tomato. Season to taste, add the juice of a lime, and chop a little fresh coriander before mixing all the ingredients. If we have a little jalapeño leftover and we like the spicy touch, we will add some chopped pieces as well.
Finally, we will heat the tortillas in a frying pan, reserving them on a plate covered with a cloth so that they retain the heat once made. We will spread them with the guacamole with pico de gallo while we shape the tacos with our hands. We will fill it with the meat, adding a couple of tomato slices, the grated cheese, and the lettuce. And our tacos are ready to serve.


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