Step by step recipe
Put a pan without oil to heat over medium heat and, when it has taken on some heat, add the 200 grams of sesame seeds.
Let the seeds brown for 5 minutes and then remove them. Let them warm for approximately 10 minutes.
Add the toasted sesame seeds to the blender jar along with a pinch of salt. Mash lightly.
When the sauce begins to have a body, add the 90 milliliters of olive oil and beat again until it reaches the consistency that you like.
Pour the sauce into a glass jar where you can keep it and ready to use it when you need it.

Complete recipe
The gastronomy of the Middle East is one of the most varied that can be found in the whole world since different styles converge such as Mediterranean or Maghreb cuisine. Its products are of the most varied, quality ingredients that are always accompanied by a series of typical spices such as coriander, saffron, or mint. The basic ingredient in this last recipe is precisely the tahini. It is a thick sauce made from sesame seeds that can also be eaten spread on bread or with salad or meat. Learn to prepare your own homemade tahini with the recipe that we give you below and enjoy a flavor that will surely take a long time to forget.

A little trick to make the tahini sauce have a more intense flavor is to pre-brown the sesame seeds. To do this, put a pan to heat without any oil and, when hot, add the 200 grams of sesame seed distributing them evenly over the entire surface. Let them toast for 5 minutes, then remove them from the heat to cool for about 10 minutes. Next, put the seeds in the glass of the mincer along with a little salt. Chop the sesame until it begins to acquire the consistency of a paste, at which point you will have to start adding the 90 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil little by little. Keep mashing the tahini sauce until the oil is completely integrated with the rest of the ingredients and you have a smooth paste. The texture depends on personal taste and you can vary it according to the time you grind it.
Finally, pour the sauce into a glass jar to be able to eat it at the time you prefer. If you do not know what to serve it with, do not worry, since as we said it is perfect for dressing salads or to accompany meats. Whether it is cooked on the grill or well roasted, this pasta will give it a perfect touch that will make everyone want to repeat. If, on the other hand, you have a family meal and you don’t know what to serve as a starter, this sauce can also get you out of more than one predicament. Prepare a hummus by mashing some chickpeas with a clove of garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, paprika, and olive oil and add the tahini. Another way to make the most of it is by spreading the tahini on a few slices of toast. and putting a little avocado or sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtomato on top. Your guests will be licking their fingers and looking forward to coming back to your home.


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